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Supporting More Easy Implementation and a Faster Return on Investment

Aesynt has partnered with Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL), an FDA-registered lab, to provide a cost-effective resource for the stability, sterility and density data needed to enhance preparation and storage of sterile compounded medications.  With Aesynt’s Formulary Toolkit, pharmacy now can improve inventory management, reduce medication waste and support patient safety through the industry’s first single-source library of cGMP quality stability studies and validated data to support extended beyond use dating for compounded sterile products.

   • Dramatically extend shelf life of IV admixtures
   • Reduce medication waste
   • Enable facility-wide cost savings
   • Optimize IV inventory and eliminate outsourcing
   • Support patient safety and outcomes
   • Ensure availability of sterile, stable and effective medications
   • Expedite IV automation implementation
   • Maximize ROI associated with sterile compounding

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