Gaining Visibility and Insight Into Your Pharmacy Inventory 

With cost pressures at an all-time high, supply chain leadership is more critical than ever to meet your organization’s financial and operational goals. Having visibility into pharmaceutical spend and inventory across every level of the health system opens the door for significant and untapped cost savings.

How Can I Better Leverage My Pharmacy Inventory?

With system-wide visibility, you can find any medication anywhere in your health system, in seconds, and move medications among sites and stocking locations.  This allows you to better allocate stocks across locations, centralize services and minimize the waste associated with expired medications.

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Should My Pharmacy Inventory Be Perpetual?

With perpetual inventory, you can more effectively reallocate surplus inventory, address urgent medication needs and mitigate medication shortages. This gives you more control over how medications are bought, stored, packaged, compounded, tracked and delivered across the enterprise.

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How Can I Make Better Purchasing Decisions?

System-wide medication management strategies can yield significant benefits in procurement. By understanding both demand patterns and inventory detail across the health system, you can better identify opportunities for  strategic and investment buying.

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Taking the Broader View

Enterprise medication management is allowing forward-thinking pharmacy and supply chain leaders to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve patient care. 

Executive Insight

Aesynt’s Curtis McEntire discusses the importance of medication visibility across the enterprise to improve cost, quality and outcomes system-wide.

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Becker’s Hospital Review

One critical but often overlooked area for taking cost out is the pharmacy supply chain and medication inventory processes.

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