Improving Patient Safety and Process Efficiency with Robotic Medication Management

Aesynt’s ROBOT-Rx is the market-leading automated medication dispensing solution that increases efficiency and accuracy in Central Pharmacy. Managing 90 percent or more of a hospital’s daily medication volume, ROBOT-Rx helps to prevent medication errors, reduce pharmacy labor and lower medication inventory. ROBOT-Rx automates medication storage, selection, return and restocking functions, while supporting accuracy, control and compliance. ROBOT-Rx eliminates time-consuming tasks, freeing time for pharmacists to focus on clinical care.  In multi-hospital systems, ROBOT-Rx supports filling across multiple facilities to maximize system-wide efficiency and minimize costs.

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Pharmacy Robotics For Increased Safety, Efficiency and Inventory Control

The redesigned ROBOT-Rx features faster and quieter operation with new aesthetics and enhanced acoustics, updated control systems, more precise barcode scanning and increased dose and line item capacity with a new, extra-small package option. A new envelope design helps pharmacy and nursing maintain accountability for dispensed and unused medications.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers risk of error, with up to 99.9 percent accuracy
  • Reduces pharmacist verification and technician labor
  • Drives cost down by reducing inventory
  • Minimizes dispensing time, enabling multiple fills per day and multi-site filling
  • Supports efficient cabinet restocking
  • Reduces missing, expired and returned medications
  • Communicates with third party systems

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