Innovative Strategies to Dramatically Improve Efficiency and Quality of Care

With all the changes in healthcare—from new reimbursement models to increased regulation—the stakes are high and the challenges complex. As pharmacy comes under increasing pressure to contribute its share to the enterprise’s cost reduction and patient safety goals, you need to find innovative ways to dramatically reduce inefficiencies while supporting improved patient care.

How Do I Control Rising Drug Costs?

Gaining system-wide visibility of your inventory enables you to better manage drug shortages, high cost medications and drugs nearing expiration, so you can minimize waste while ensuring medications are where you need them, when you need them.

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How Do I Manage Safety Risks in the IV Room?

Sterile compounding is one of the highest risk, highest cost areas of pharmacy.  IV automation and workflow solutions allow you to take control of your Compounded Sterile Products (CSP) strategy.

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How Do I Free Pharmacist Time for Clinical Work?

Automating time-consuming manual tasks frees your staff to work at the top of license and drastically reduces the opportunity for human error, improving both patient and employee satisfaction.

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A Clear Path Forward

With soaring drug costs, growing expenses and shrinking resources, developing a technology roadmap that streamlines processes and delivers a rapid return on investment supports enterprise-wide goals.  

Drug Topics

Aesynt’s John Barickman, RPh, discusses the important role pharmacy plays in reducing hospital readmissions.

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Baxter Regional Medical Center has increased collaboration between nurses and pharmacists, boosting nurses’ time at the bedside.

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