Packaging Solution to Return Cost and Labor Savings to Pharmacy

Aesynt’s PACMED is a high-speed packaging and inventory replenishment system that improves packaging accuracy and pharmacy workflow, supporting use of barcodes throughout the medication use process. PACMED’s software platform allows it to electronically process inventory replenishment requests for AcuDose-Rx and non-Aesynt automated dispensing cabinets and for the Aesynt suite of central pharmacy automation. ROBOT-Ready units enable hospitals and health systems using ROBOT-Rx to reduce robot offline inventory, as well as produce unit-dose, barcoded packages for oral solid medications three times faster than with other packagers, while using half the labor that’s typically required.

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High-Speed Packager That Returns Cost and Labor Savings to Pharmacy

PACMED provides economies of scale for automated dispensing cabinet and other inventory replenishment in multi-hospital system environments, particularly in consolidated medication distribution locations, in conjunction with Aesynt’s Enterprise Medication Manager™.

Key Benefits

  • Improves dispensing and stocking accuracy
  • Reduces inventory levels by 15%
  • Enables perpetual inventory management with barcoding and tracking
  • Minimizes need for cycle counting
  • Supports acquisition cost savings per dose through bulk buying

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