Driving Safety and Efficiency at the Point of Care

Nursing leaders understand that efficiency is at the core of care quality. Time is scarce. Strategies designed to maximize value-added time with patients, while mitigating interruptions, deliver positive patient outcomes. Strengthening the nursing-pharmacy relationship will result in timely medication administration and ensure exemplary patient care.

Can Technology Support Patient Safety Goals?

With 43% of med errors resulting from interruptions, employing user-friendly technology specifically designed to mitigate interruptions is critical. Coupling this technology with education and streamlined workflow will prevent costly errors.

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How Do I Improve Training and Adoption?

Selecting technology that can be aligned to your workflow and has an easy-to-learn interface speeds adoption, making dispensing intuitive for nurses, safer for patients and more efficient for organizations.

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How Can I Strengthen the Pharmacy Relationship? 

Collaborating with pharmacy to select medication dispensing cabinets that provide smart inventory management tools positions nursing to get what they need, when they need it, so they can spend more time with the patient.

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Collaboration is Key

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to medication management. When healthcare organizations do not consider how changes to one department’s workflow impacts another, patient safety can be compromised. Collaboratively assessing the impact of people, processes and technology throughout an organization is critical for safe, efficient and effective patient care.

Voice of Nursing Leadership

At Seton Medical Center Harker Heights, nursing and pharmacy collaboration led to improved medication processes supporting a patient-centered culture.

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Healthcare Finance News

Yuma Regional Medical Center has found the “sweet spot” for nursing-pharmacy collaboration.

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