Pharmacy Inventory Software Manages Dispensing and Optimizes Inventory

MedShelf-Rx is a software system that provides simple and intuitive order filling workflow and perpetual inventory management for medications that are kept in places such as rolling shelves, cupboards and refrigerators. MedShelf-Rx uniquely positions pharmacies to maintain a perpetual inventory of the medications in their pharmacy, control inventory-related pharmacy costs and integrate with Aesynt’s Enterprise Medication Manager, in an efficient and low-touch manner.

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View and Act on Medication Inventory in Real Time

Aesynt’s Enterprise Medication Manager™ is the only pharmacy supply chain solution that provides you real time ability to view and act on medication inventory and demand across every level of your health system.  When bundled with MedShelf-Rx, you have a powerful tool to reduce the number of medications that expire, control costs by shifting inventory around your health system, and improve efficiency by increasing your inventory turns.  Learn more about how Enterprise Medication Manager can help you find your medications, your money and your time.

Key Benefits

  • Provides real time view of makeup and valuation of inventory not stored in automated devices
  • Supports a user-driven perpetual inventory solution that doesn't require significant overhead
  • Minimizes steps required to manage a perpetual inventory of your medications
  • Controls cost by leveraging inventory information to increase inventory turns
  • Minimizes waste through expiration date tracking

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