Testaments of Success

Aesynt’s solutions are already proving successful for more than 80 customers around the world, and they’re happy to share their stories. Select a video below to learn how IV automation through our technologies is making an impact on their pharmacy operations.


The use of this technology will increase our efficiency, so we can more effectively compound IV admixtures. It will also allow us to maintain all of our own quality standards and not rely on an outside source.

- Curtis Haas, Director of Pharmacy, University of Rochester Medical Center

Ultimately, we wanted to be ahead of the curve on something of this magnitude and increase cancer patient safety.

- Mercy Hospital, Hall-Perrine Cancer Center

i.v.STATION™ provides accuracy and speed of use at the hospital. Instead of waiting for a pharmacy to compound these products, someone can pull the product and use it immediately.

- Ken Greco, Director of Pharmacy Services, LeeSar Cooperative Services of Florida

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