Address the challenges of hazardous sterile compounding.

i.v.STATION ONCO was specifically designed to meet the unique challenges surrounding oncology care and other toxic, patient-specific preparations. This technology improves safety for the patient and the operator, and can enhance efficiency in overall pharmacy operations.

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Safety for the Patient…

  • Gravimetric controls provide exceptional accuracy
  • In-process barcode scanning and image recognition verifies correct ingredients
  • Automated final product labeling reduces occurrence of error
  • Tamper-evident luer-lock syringe caps ensure product integrity
  • Robotic technology and ISO Class 5 environment promote sterility and support extended beyond-use dating
  • Streamlined remote verification optimizes pharmacist’s time

    Safety for the Operator…

    • Negative pressure, ISO5 first-air flow loading chamber, together with the negative pressure containment chamber surrounding the compounding cell, and the partial outside venting of exhaust air, minimizes exposure to hazardous chemicals
    • Automated sealing keeps waste materials away from staff
    • Dedicated laminar flow hood adds sterile space for prep work and attachment of closed-system transfer devices
    • Cameras allow for advanced procedure monitoring from multiple views

      Available in the Smallest Footprint with an Affordable Price.

      • Enables integration into your facility with minimal renovation costs
      • Small size allow deployment of multiple units in a variety of settings
      • Lowest priced IV robot on the market puts this technology well within reach
      • Multiple buying options provide purchasing flexibility
      • Reduced need to outsource results in greater cost savings and positive ROI
      • Compatibility with a wide array of off-the-shelf consumables makes integration simple

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      Contact Aesynt now, or call 724-741-6780

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