IV solutions that fit your goals.

Safety is just as much our priority as it is yours. Our full suite of IV solutions were developed to meet the critical needs of sterile compounding, helping you make a positive impact on patient safety across your pharmacy.

IV solutions that fit your space

Aesynt’s technology has the smallest footprint on the market. From cleanrooms to compounding pharmacies, standalone hospitals to health systems, our solutions are compact enough to fit your space, yet robust enough to scale up.

IV solutions that fit your budget

Advanced technology is within your reach. Aesynt’s IV solutions are the most affordable on the market. The lower cost of this investment makes ROI more achievable than ever.

Turn valuable data into insights and innovation.

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A worldwide leader

Aesynt, a worldwide leader in IV automation, is the only company with a suite of solutions to fully automate your IV room.

Aesynt provides solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous compounding, as well as workflow efficiency. By installing our automated technologies, you can take control of your IV room.

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The risk is real.

Manual IV compounding presents the highest risk for error, and all too often results in life-threating events. These events not only impact the safety of millions of patients, but they also cost hospitals thousands of dollars annually.

Together, we can change these outcomes.


ADEs since 2001

Together, we can change these outcomes.


ADE's caused by injectable medications

Together, we can change these outcomes.


patients affected by ADE's

Together, we can change these outcomes.


medical costs annually per hospital

Beyond the technology

From world-class solutions to expert support, Aesynt is leading the industry in IV automation.

Proven success

Aesynt’s IV solutions are already proving effective for over 80 customers across the globe.


Trusted support

Backed by an 800-person company, we provide unmatched expertise, services and support.