Maximize Pharmacy Technology to Improve Profitability

Soaring costs, declining budgets, lack of resources and financial penalties. Solving for today’s healthcare challenges can be all-consuming. With disparate data sources and ever increasing data integration complexities, you need to gain better control over information.  Making strategic IT investments in pharmacy can reduce costs and improve patient care – without waiting years for a return on investment.

Why Should I Prioritize Pharmacy Solutions?

Legacy products, disparate vendor solutions, or inventory on open shelving result in wide gaps in pharmacy data and – as a result – hidden costs. Investing in pharmacy solutions can quickly unlock untapped savings and position the health system for long-term returns.

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Is Real-Time Inventory Visibility Possible?

By leveraging a vendor-neutral solution, you can overcome the challenges that arise from legacy solutions or acquisitions to achieve comprehensive, real-time pharmacy inventory transparency today, while you execute a roadmap for growth.

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How Can I Maximize Interoperability?

Selecting a pharmacy automation vendor with a broad set of solutions designed to operate on a single database allows you to configure your pharmacy automation to your dispensing model and workflow, while minimizing the number of interfaces needed.

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Realizing Long-Term Return on Investment

Information technology leaders are collaborating with pharmacy to maximize pharmacy technology investments in support of long-term financial growth. Enterprise-wide medication inventory visibility leads to better management of growing budgets, improved safety and greater control over the medication supply chain; resulting in improved productivity, cost reduction and, ultimately, better patient care.