Enterprise Medication Manager™

Gain Visibility and Insight to Optimize Medication Inventory Across the Enterprise

The only pharmacy supply chain solution that provides you real-time ability to view and act on medication inventory and demand across every level of your health system. 

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Find Your Meds

  • Find any medication anywhere in your health system, in seconds
  • Better manage and mitigate drug shortages
  • Move medications among sites and stocking locations with a few keystrokes

Find Your Money

  • Increase inventory turns by 20% or more while improving availability
  • Leverage inventory and demand information for strategic procurement opportunities
  • Reduce expired medication by 50% or more

Find Your Time

  • Automate manual processes
  • Enable the consolidation of pharmacy services
  • Free pharmacy staff to allow more focus on patient care

How Much Can You Save?

Health systems are realizing significant savings through the visibility Enterprise Medication Manager offers. Learn how much your system could be saving. ROI Calculator

Key Benefits

  • Actively manages medications across multiple facilities
  • Improves inventory turns to reduce costs
  • Manages shortages for improved service levels
  • Frees pharmacy staff for clinical activities
  • Complements existing supply chain solutions
  • Works across all pharmacy automation platforms

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