Curtis McEntire, MBA


Performance Optimization & Services

Curtis McEntire, MBA, brings more than 10 years of Pharmacy Supply Chain Solutions expertise to help educate our healthcare partners about ways supply chain tools drive savings and safety improvements. As Pharmacy Sourcing Manager for Intermountain Healthcare, Curtis developed the business case for the implementation of centralizing various pharmacy services at Intermountain Healthcare’s Kem C. Gardner Supply Chain Center.  He also managed a $250 million pharmaceutical contracting and spend budget for Intermountain’s 22 hospitals and more than 185 clinics. The combined background in Supply Chain and long-time experience partnering with Pharmacy, gives Curtis a deep understanding not only of supply chain principles, but of the unique supply chain challenges of pharmacy, expertise he now leverages to help our healthcare partners better optimize their medication inventory.  He received a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from the University of Utah, and his Healthcare Management MBA from Western Governor’s University.