The Most Complete Central Pharmacy Portfolio

Enhanced solutions for the acute pharmacy, central service centers and clinics.

The market-leading fully automated robotic solution that manages 90 percent or more of patient-specific unit dose dispensing, with flexibility to replenish automated dispensing cabinets, reducing pharmacy’s time spent on distributive activities
The market leading vertical medication storage and retrieval system that automates medication dispensing, restocking and inventory control using barcode scanning and pick-to-light technology, dramatically reducing errors and increasing productivity and space efficiency
A software solution that enables hospitals to apply barcode scanning and perpetual inventory management processes to existing inventory locations, such as pick stations, refrigerated inventories, satellite pharmacies and off-site clinics, increasing accuracy and efficiency
A fully automated robotic solution that dispenses and manages manufacturer-packaged oral solid unit dose medications, providing perpetual inventory management and nearly eliminating packaging labor and materials costs, delivering doses with greater safety and accuracy
Improve packaging accuracy and pharmacy workflow for both automated dispensing cabinets and central pharmacy automation by facilitating high-speed automation of oral solids packaging operations using barcode technology
Software tracking and optional secure storage for control and tracking of controlled medications through a closed-loop system that helps to prevent diversion and support regulatory compliance
On-site, turnkey barcoding and unit-dose packaging services that allow hospital and health systems to redirect full-time equivalents and capital budget resources to dispensing and clinical activities
Barcode Medication Packaging Solutions
A comprehensive suite of hardware packaging technologies and services to meet 100 percent of a hospital or health system's unit-dose barcode medication needs