Barcode Medication Packaging Solutions

Barcode Packaging for Safety and Efficiency

Aesynt’s Barcode Medication Packaging Solutions accelerate the benefits of barcode medication dispensing, administration, charging and inventory capabilities. Aesynt provides a comprehensive suite of hardware packaging and labeling technologies, along with services, to meet 100 percent of a hospital or health system’s unit-dose barcode medication needs.

With alternatives to perfectly match your economic, volume and workflow requirements, Aesynt's Packaging Solutions integrate packaging operations across a hospital or health system’s entire medication distribution network, providing greater consistency and control over packaging savings on medications purchased in bulk and repackaged into unit-dose, multi-dose and batch forms, and reducing dependency on scarce in-house resources.

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Key Benefits

  • Accelerates point-of-care medication scanning
  • Ensures compliance with barcode medication regulations
  • Introduces barcode-based workflow and electronic inventory management
  • Integrates packaging functions across key medication use technologies
  • Asserts greater consistency and control over packaging

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